Break away from metro madness to the tranquility of the Vaal. is home to the Vaal Dam, (Central SA’s land-locked Sea, so big that it sports and outlet of the NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute)! offers you this water wonderland on a plate.Once you reach Vaaldam, Gauteng’s biggest dam - its shoreline being nine times larger than Harties - you need not want for anything.

 We have comprehensive listings on our pages of Accommodation & Action activities: Watersports; Fishing; Marinas; Sailing; yachting and boating. Skydiving; White Water Rafting; Corporate & Adventure Activities (Tapimanzi).

The village of Deneysville has it all and we’ll show you where to find it: Shops; Wine & Craft Beer Cellars; Farm Shops and specialized Fishing/bait stalls.


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